LEGION ETRANGERE – it was a good game. Good game especially for us – S8. We were smike civilians, selling powder to both sides.

This time we received reinforcements from the Vilnius branch – our brothers arrived. This game was attended by significant  number of S8 forces – 14th. For the company, for the team!

Civilian position had lots of LARP play in this big game. Our goal was to sell powder and to collect a certain amount of money. This money was used to purchase weapons, which were transferred to rebels. There was not much space for our haracters to maneuver, however, to the last phase of the game, we have maintained neutrality.

We tried to put ourselves in the role of civilians – we did not adhere to strict discipline, the perimeter of the town was protected episodically. However, smaller patrol groups worked smoothly and professionally.

At the end of the game, we took a number of strategic decisions that have allowed our side to win. We stole opponents artillery ammunition. This weakened their combat power for some time. Then we fragmented their forces into smaller groups. and  this allowed us to fight and defeat larger enemy forces.

S8 want to thank everyone who participated. See you at the next game.

Video which was made by our friends from Airsoft Team UNITY, give them a shout and Like. This video shows how smike S8 civilians were:

We thank photographer Bertas for these nice pictures:

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