PAG-2 Misija 2014 09

Pag 2

PAG-2 mission is airsoft big game based on Ghor Province Reconstruction mission in Afghanistan, led by Lithuanian troops which is the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (Eng. International Security Assistance Force ISAF) operation.

This game was held in Lithuanian Armed Forces Training Area – Kazlų Rūda, where actual training is held for troops going for PAG missions. We took a role of ISAF forces and had great time playing with and against old friends. Multiple contacts, night firefights, mounted operations, lots of LARP with locals – made this game unforgettable.

Would like to thank the Lithuanian Armed Forces for training area, vics. We also would like to thank the organizers for this event. Avery single one we fought with and against.

We are sharing a well-known photographer Edvardas Bertašius photos from this event.

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