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The Waffenlauf is a type of Swiss marathon where every current or former soldier can participate. They are required to carry an army rifle (such as the K31, Stgw 57 and Stgw 90) and their uniform.The Frauenfeld “Waffenlauf” takes place between the barracks in Frauenfeld and Wil. You have to go there by running and come back again. It’s around 43 kms long.

Albrecht Moser (born January 18, 1945) is a former Swiss arms and long distance runners.
Moser dominated from the mid-1970’s to the late 1980’s runing with the gun barrel on his back. He won 56 daily and 83 category wins. Moser was also active as an athlete in ST Bern. He was Swiss champion twice in 10,000 meters and once in the 5000 meters marathon. His best time in the 10,000 meters run is 28:46.0 minutes, achieved in 1972, he also holds 30,000-meter run Swiss record since 1976 with a time of 1:35:40.8h. He still participates in mountain runs.
Moser was married to the middle and long distance runner Marijke Moser. Their daughter Jenni Mirja-Moser is also successful as a long-distance runner.

Albrecht Moser in 1981

The all time champion of the Swiss Waffenlauf, Albrecht Moser. He won this race 56 times with his old K31 on his back.

Albrecht Moser in 2009

Here he is doing his comeback, decades later.

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