Navy SEAL armory

It is clamed that these photos were taken in Navy SEAL armory room by an actor and gun-nut SMG Lee.

SMGLee is a D-list TV actor with a severe case of firearms enthusiasm, and the biggest jock-sniffer you’ve ever seen. He uses his industry ties to get insider access and has a following on some of the forums.
As I understand it, he was given a private tour in the armory, with an unspoken trust that “what happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.” Well, he took a bunch of photos, which he then leveraged online to gain credibility as an insider expert within the firearms community. A lot of his military contacts didn’t take that too well, so now he’s pretty much just a gear whore for various companies.

– Texas_aggie_2005 / Reddit

Some of the guns has ejection port cover open or not on safety… you decide, how legit this gallery is.


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