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Dear friends,

Buddy Morda (Airsoft Team Unity, Šiauliai) is back with another article. This time he shares his new review about best friend. So, for your attention, we have the pleasure to post G&P M4 Autobot review. Thanks Morda, and you guys have a good read.

G&P M4 Autobot

Hi there,

I was infected with airsoft for quite a long time now, my first weapon was the AK74, which then was replaced with the CA M15A4 Sportline. M15A4 served long and well, even though his body is plastic, but it’s a bit of a plus for longer games. I had the opportunity to carry the URX for half an hour, which is made ​​of metal, and I could say it is quite a heavy weapon. Although my Sportline was not bad, but over time he fed it to me, so I decided it was time to buy another AEG.

It was quite difficult to decide what I want. After much deliberation, I decided to choose my new gun from the G&P models: LMT, Magpul MOE, MK18 Mod I or M4 Viper. However, no model had parts I would like to see on my new toy.

After some search I have found that G&P produces “Autobot” model, which had everything I would like to see on my new AEG. So I started searching for shops, where I could purchases it with a minimum risk. Unfortunately, this model is sold in a very few online Airsoft shops… and I checked  tons of e-shops (USA, UK, Fr, China, etc.).

After considering all the options, I chose the store and now I have this baby in my hands!

I will review my new best friend for you.


Dear friends,

Publication of this review is a little delayed. We received Helikon-Tex ® PCU last December, but there has not been an opportunity to test it in the battlefield. So after a very wintry Talwisota game, we publish our findings on the Helikon’o PCU.

PCU is in our company’s mandatory accoutrements list. It is a short and fairly liberal, but it is good. This year S8 men by combining a mandatory outfit unexpectedly found Helikon produced PCU. We recently received one set, so this article will look at it.
Buying a PCU from Helikon’o straight will cost you ~140 EU. Kit is sold separately, the pants – third generation, the jacket – second.

5.11 Tactical Sabre 2.0 Jacket review

Dear friends,

after the quiet summer, which was terrible busy and eventful, we will again talk of his favorite topic – Outfit. This summer Five Elevent sent us a number of examples of high-quality gear one of which we’ll review today. We introduce you to 5.11 Tactical Series Sabre 2.0 Jacket. This is a second  generation SABRE Jacket, which has been improved based on user comments, as well as some innovation was added. I use this jacket from mid-summer, but the summer was successful – the weather was perfect, so a good rain and chilly weather did not start until the fall. A couple games or a walk in the city certainly insufficient to test this jacket – I’ve tested more.

Thus, the second half of September I went to a wintry Finland and Sweden. During the trip, I had to spend a lot of time on the ferry, and a few days in the city on foot with all the belongings on my shoulders, and the weather forecasts was not encouraging – +11-14 ° C, rain and wind. I decided to take a risk and began this journey wearing SABRE and just a T-shirt with short sleeves and thin T-shirt with long sleeves. Still doubted, should I pick up the fleece, but the jacket seemed to be a reliable and warmer clothes neem. And I was right …

Sveiki draugai,

Mūsų komandos mechanikas Sainter papasakos apie mėgstamiausią savo įrankį Leatherman Wave. Šiuo įrankiu jis surenka GB po vandeniu, užrištomis akimis… laikui. Manau kolegos nuomonė bus kompetetinga. Gero skaitymo!

Leatherman Wave yra pats populiariausias įrankis iš šios kompanijos arsenalo. Kai teko rinktis pirmąjį savo MultiTool (Toliau MT) Wave buvo vienas iš kandidatų. Žiūrint į plikus skaičius ir nuotraukas nepavyko priimti teisingo sprendimo – pasirinkau kitą MT. Žemiau papasakosiu kodėl tokios pat klaidos neturėtumėte daryti patys ir kišenėje (ar prie diržo) verta turėti Leatherman produktą.