Helikon-Tex USM tactical gloves review

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A colleague from Vilnius PMC branch – Sandal shared USM gloves review. Thanks to him and good reading for you brothers!

In this review I will talk about Helikon-Tex USM tactical gloves. Gloves are made by well known Polish company Helikon-Tex. This company was started as military surplus dealer and were dealing from the late 1980s to the middle of 1990s. By the 1999 this company started to manufacture their own military clothings and accessories production.

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These gloves I have bought from resseler in Lithuania almost two years ago. They are very suitable for wearing them in warm and not very cold weather. Gloves are elastic and comfortable and also strong. After first use gloves gets more elastic and adapts to the wearers hand. Gloves basis, palm and inner side of the fingers, is made from a strong synthetic leather. Palm has inner pads filled with impact gel. Pointing finger and the thumb is reinforced with non-slip patch. Back of the gloves is made from spandex, neoprene and elastane fabrics. There is impact gel cushions on the back too. This combinations of fabrics is strong and very comfortable to use. Of course these gloves are not like those made for motorcycle driver, they don‘t have such protections made from carbon. In the inner sides of the fingers are smal holes, made for ventilation. These gloves dries quick if gets wet and do not paint your hands. There is adjustable cuffs with velcro on the wrist. Seams are very strong, I was suprised, after almost two years of wearing these gloves, seams stayed as they were made yesterday. It didn‘t dissolve. And the Velcro is still good.

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Gloves can be washed by hands in cold water with a soap. After washing they don‘t lose their elasticity, do not gets hardened. Just importat to let them dry in natural conditions, not on a warmers or near open fire :) Gloves has loops made for cuffing them to the gear. Gloves black color afther use and few washes didn‘t fade.

These gloves I am using almost 2 years not only in airsoft but and in every day use, like repairing my car, working in the garden or forest, or camping in the nature. They has tested dirt, earth, oil and etc. I wash them and they are like new :) What is very great too that you can use these gloves with touch screens. Of course to write a sms will be dificult with gloves on, but answer a call is easy. Only one minus with them is that after few heavy uses in hot weather gloves started to smell bad. Maybe it‘s because I left them in a pocket, should put them somewhere free to dry. And these gloves are not suitable for use in cold weather because it wont keep warm your hands.

I think these gloves is a very good buy, you get very qualitatyvely gloves for a small price, around 20 euros.

Link to the manufacturers site.

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  1. Pacifistas
    Tuesday April 30th, 2013

    O naudojant karštesniu oru, ar stipriai rankos prakaituoja su šiomis pirštinėmis?

  2. sandalas
    Wednesday May 1st, 2013

    Man, daug judant vasara, rankos prakaituoja net ir su pirštinėm apkarpytais pirštais, tad manau daug priklauso nuo žmogaus. Su šiom prakaituoja bet pakenčiamai, greit išgaruoja.

  3. Balabaika
    Thursday July 31st, 2014

    Geros pirštinės – irgi porą metų tampau. Vienintelis minusas, rodomojo piršto apsiuvas, nėra labai patogu kaire piršto puse ką nors smulkaus suimti. O šiaip – perfekt.

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