Old fellow Geardo Master Jedi J.J. gives a tip how to make your chest rig’s dangling shock cord ends organised.


Currently owned Chest rig designed to carry AK platform magazines with 5 internal open-top type mag pouches. All open top pouches have special bungees made of shock cord and webbing for magazine retention.

DIY Paracord mode to extend its lifetime

After several years of use (definatelly not a daily use) the mag retension bungees got loose, so I decided to tighten them. The pictures shows in what state the shock cord was found. Main reason – extensive rubbing of metal magazines, especially during fast and mean reloadings.

DIY Paracord mode to extend its lifetime


Dear friends,

Old friend of mineMorda (Airsoft Team Unity, Šiauliai) is known for its technical expertise and diligence – he is the very first who built minigun in Lithuania (and most likely in the Baltic States). Now, he is sharing a very good and well prepared PTT improving instruction with readers. I am pleased to announce it to you. Thanks Morda and good work for you all!

Hi there,

Many of us who use PTT (push to talk) will face with bad contact problem. This is a very common problem. The biggest problem is that metal contacts of PTT is angled and military standard plug bends it in time. Another problem is inside the button, it does not seem very reliable. After I bought this PPT I immediately encountered with a problem that PTT did not respond. Dismantling revealed bad contact plate position. After inserting the plate into place button started working, but it was decided to change it to something more reliable.

I decided that it would be useful to write a brief description of Peltor PTT replica modification and improvement. Maybe someone will find this instruction useful.