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Dear friends,

Recently I have revived an old gun – G&G M4 SD, that was lying under the bed for couple of years. Since Masada got infected with overspin, so before the game I had hastily to assemble a backup gun, from old backup parts. Strange, but it works great, even with a cracked gearbox. The weapon is very light, agile and balanced.


However, I could only fit an old battery nunchaku in the crane stock. Even had to re-un-solder charger contacts to charge the battery. Charger is very old, so the battery is fully charges in 24h… Therefore, I rushed to find a small LiPo batterie. Brother Wolf hit the right size battery to buy only the third time, so I decided not to risk and choose the smallest I could find. Capacity was not very relevant, because I can always order a few small batteries and keep them all in same cranestock.

Mini crane stock battery

I found this mini crane stock battery on Hobby King (They recently opened a warehouse in Europe, Norway). I paid $8.48… With the shipping. True, it is not very capacious battery :) Today I noticed that the seller added supply with similar size and more capacious batteries for airsoft.


97x30x14mm (diagonal through the thickest place – 21mm)


Fits wherever you want. I could tuck four into my crane stock!

Because the seller has increased the product range, I think I’ll buy more capacious battery next time.

So if you use a butt stock, which leaves only space for a battery in the pipe – definitely recommend to try this battery. 2-3 of these should withstand a good game.

If anyone want to try the size of this LiPo, approach in the game.

Good luck.


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