1.5-5x Magnifier review

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Our friend Morda, from Airsoft Team Unity, has a very nice review for you again. Thanks to him! Have a nice read.


1.5-5x Magnifier review

(Replica for airsoft)


Magnifier comes in handy when the game takes place over long distances, because sometimes it’s just hard to see hiding opponent with the naked eye .In this case the optics are always useful.
I have long planned to acquire magnifier. Optics is also available for purchase, however, M-class carbine and optics, hmmm… Admit it seems more than odd (SPR is another case). Oh and red-dot is also required item. As often  a firefight occurs in closer distances, and optics is no go.

The choice was not difficult: Red-dot + magnifier. Then need to decide when it comes to choose the type of magnifier. To dream about an original Aimpoint  is harmful. The choice remains from the replicas on the market. Well they are even several types of 1.5X, 2x, 3x … 1.5-5x etc. etc. One is with constant magnification (eg, 2x, 3x …), other has adjustable magnification (eg, 1.5-5x). I had an opportunity to buy the adjustable zoom magnifier. This article will talk about it. Maybe, after reading this article, you will be tempted to buy it too.

Truth to be told, I was thinking about the other type magnifier, but as long as I thought it disappeared and I had to choose from what’s left, and after a few weeks of waiting – it has arrive.


 Dust on the box – a long time on the shelf  :)


The packing is not what to write, all you can see in photos.


Packaging: magnifier’is, mounting ring, tilting to the side mechanism is mounted to the RIS, hexagon and cleaning cloth.



I will try to show how you can see with each zoom. The higher the magnification, the closer you have to bring your eye because the field of view gets  narrow. Yet it does not get too narrow so there will be no problem to use it with glasses.


 Some more detailed pictures:





About the wobble I cant say much because I have not played yet. When it is mounted on RIS the wobble is minimal. I think this is from the place where the magnifiers fast release connects to the tilting mechanism. There, the two square tits could have been more stringent forms.



The item should be a new  and unused… WTF?…


I have ruined the thread on the first assemble. The bolt is too short and it engages very little. Carefully adjust the height on both sides.

This is how it sits on the weapon:






How it is centered? Well,  the tilting mechanism allows to elevate the magnifier slightly up, turn to one side or the other, so I think you will have no hard time to center it right.


Anyway I will have more feedback after some action.

I hope I helped you with the choice 

If you have any questions, you can always ask.

Thank you for reading.



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