Tactical 20mm RIS Rail Adjustable Folding Grip review

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This weekend we had a nice festival in Palanga. Plenty of action, good smoke, have an empty bag bbs. In short, intence game for equipment to test. I’ll tell you about the Tactical 20mm RIS Rail Adjustable Folding Grip, which is provided by  AirsoftPark.com.

  • Manufacturer: n/a;
  • Country of origin: n/a;
  • Title: Tactical 20mm RIS Rail Adjustable Folding FGG Grip;
  • Material: High Density Polymer;
  • Dimensions: Adjustable grip length 100mm-135mm;
  • Color: TAN;
  • Fits: standard 20mm rail mount;
  • Price: ~27$  with shipping from Airsoftpark.com.
So … Packaging unsophisticated :) Color is similar to TAN, similar to the Dark Earth. Product quality is not bad. Here and there is visible mold seams…
Grip very easily puts on a standard 20mm slide. A little displeased, to put it on the rail you have to fully unscrew and take out the bolt. I think after some time the first half will worn out the threads in plastic, then it will be enough to push or pull out the screw and turn a very small part of it. In short, the temporary nuisance.

The grip attaches to the handle solidly. There is a slight wobble from the elbow part. Further, it seems everything is in place. Folded handle grips to rail very strong. Lets say it gets stuck on rail. To bend the handle to a vertical position,it has to be tugged slightly from rails, and then press the big black button with a horizontal crack. Loud CLANCK! is heard while black button gets depresses. If you lift the handle in CQC battle, building, or an close ambush, opponents will hear the CLANCK!. So while opening the handle, keep presure on the button and depress it back easy.

In hand grip feels solid. The front part of it has a textured surface. This is not perfect textured surface, which sticks to the hand, but it certainly is not as slippery as smooth plastic. Ergonomic handle. Lies very comfortably in your hand. This is not a standard vertical front grip which is all we’ve ever seen. This one is much thicker and shorter, so the hand grip is solid.

You see two tabs at the bottom of the handle, differs their own profiles. Pulling these two makes handle prolonged to several centimeters. It has several positions for extention length.
On the handle there are two buttons. I was surprised that they are pressed easily and handle shrinks to its original position fast. Spring, which returns a handle, is thin. It does not seem plausible. So far, its work is done well, hopefully this will continue in the future.
It is hard to say why handle is extendable. For those with large hands may be an alternative, maybe it can be used as bipod somewhere on the sill shooting through a window. In short, I do not use it, because full-length for me was sufficient.

The front of the handle base part you can see an item, like a hawk beak. I think this is one of the biggest advantages of this grip. I am faced with this type of handles in the past, but none had the beak like this. It is very confortable. As you can see my grip is mounted far ahead. This makes AEG is stable, to change the direction of the shooting.


I did not like the easy wobble of the grip.
We will test it outdoors in the winter. Because, although strong in the summer, usually these polymer castings is afraid of winter cold. Not one of the stationary front grips sed goodbye to his integrity last winter:)

I like the handle ergonomics and functionality. True, closed handle saves space, but with the opening of handle convenient to use the weapon flashlight.
As soon as I found its place on my gun, it seems to me that it fits my body mechanics naturally.

This is it for today, next time PMAGs, knee and elbow protectors, and one point sling.

Respectfully, UNO


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