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Dear friends,

Buddy Morda (Airsoft Team Unity, Šiauliai) is back with another article. This time he shares his new review about best friend. So, for your attention, we have the pleasure to post G&P M4 Autobot review. Thanks Morda, and you guys have a good read.

G&P M4 Autobot

Hi there,

I was infected with airsoft for quite a long time now, my first weapon was the AK74, which then was replaced with the CA M15A4 Sportline. M15A4 served long and well, even though his body is plastic, but it’s a bit of a plus for longer games. I had the opportunity to carry the URX for half an hour, which is made ​​of metal, and I could say it is quite a heavy weapon. Although my Sportline was not bad, but over time he fed it to me, so I decided it was time to buy another AEG.

It was quite difficult to decide what I want. After much deliberation, I decided to choose my new gun from the G&P models: LMT, Magpul MOE, MK18 Mod I or M4 Viper. However, no model had parts I would like to see on my new toy.

After some search I have found that G&P produces “Autobot” model, which had everything I would like to see on my new AEG. So I started searching for shops, where I could purchases it with a minimum risk. Unfortunately, this model is sold in a very few online Airsoft shops… and I checked  tons of e-shops (USA, UK, Fr, China, etc.).

After considering all the options, I chose the store and now I have this baby in my hands!

I will review my new best friend for you.

Sup boys,

a year ago or two I bought the Eotech 557 replica from ebairsoft.com. 557 proved the best choice – the type of sights including the largest glass and practically no ghost dot, the first lens does not reflect the surroundings. Minuses were just a couple – in winter the batteries dies instant and at night or at dusk from the front you can see weak reflection of the laser . And the price did’nt bite – $ 65 with shipping.

Sveiki. Šiandien papasakosiu apie BattleAXE firmos žibintuvėlį/lazerį AN/PEQ-15. Jeigu esate įvairių/nebrangių ginklo aksesuarų mėgėjas , tai šis straipsniukas skirtas būtent jums.

Prieš pradedant patį aprašymą norėčiau pateikti keletą faktų apie šį gaminį:

  • Gamintojas -BattleAXE (WFC klonas)
  • Korpusas – Plastikinis
  • Kaina ~ 50 $
  • Svoris – 170 gr.
  • Spalvos – BK, OD, Tan
  • Maitinimas – LiPo 3.7 V 200 mAh (included)    /    CR123A x 1 (Not included)
  • Baltos spalvos šviesos diodas
  • Žalios spalvos lazeris