557 death

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a year ago or two I bought the Eotech 557 replica from ebairsoft.com. 557 proved the best choice – the type of sights including the largest glass and practically no ghost dot, the first lens does not reflect the surroundings. Minuses were just a couple – in winter the batteries dies instant and at night or at dusk from the front you can see weak reflection of the laser . And the price did’nt bite – $ 65 with shipping.

I suspect that the sight glass can not withstand bbs hit. Therefore, Old Man offered to produce plexiglass guard. This protection did not fit the front of the sight, as there is protective caps. I did’nt want to use super glue, and plexiglass protections was holding miserably.  So in Guantanamo game I have lost plexi protection. Not only her, but the two caps, which are very sensitive to hardcore gaming :) (see photo at the top).

So at the last game this summer my 557 died. I was holding my gun bowed 45 degrees down when I’ve got hit. First bbs hit my lowered gun and it was not direct fire. Butmy trusty  557 turned into a kaleidoscope. The strangest thing that I was shot from base gun (gues upt to 100m/s) and quite from a large distance – 20-30 m.


Yesterday I decided to pull out the broken lens and see how this replica mede, real 557 function scheme looks like this:

Internal light path of holographic Sight

Pull out pieces was not easy, since the lens is pasted into the trays.

After pulling out pieces, without the front lens, you cant see laser projection…

You can see laser reflection on the first lens looking from the front.

So, the Chinese decided not to use the original holographic sight design and refused all  mirrors. Reflection of aim is projected on the front lense from the botom of the 557 by the short pimp. Windage and elavation is regulated by the pimp dragging it from side to side, or moving it upwards – downwards.

From the shards I can conclude that the front lens was different thickness and convex. It is unlikely that it can be re-made on the basis of the following fragment.

So now it is only suitable for doors support …

Anyone who uses such sights, I recomend you to buy or make yourself plexiglass sight protection, otherwise you risk losing a very good thing.

Ps.: If you have a similar or the same a broken sight and you are willing to sell it – please contact me.

Now I have Element 551 replica, but it is shit compared with 557…


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