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Do you know this Airsoft equipment manufacturer VOLK TACTICAL GEAR? Probably not, because their output is not frequent in our country, because the company is in Japan.

They are located in Osaka and manufacture all their stuff in Japan (and that seems another reason why the prices are so damn Gucci compared to Eagle, Mayflower or TT)!

By GeardoShit

The product design is unique(and quality too I gues). You will see this gear in reality rarely –  since VOLK products are manufactured according to their custom design, so for the reconstruction it is not very appropriate.
But still, pay attention to the manufacturer’s attention to detail, armor tiles, plates and trays, unseen and exotic patterns – real works of art!



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  1. Saturday October 17th, 2015

    Everything sold out would love to have a pear of the zero wear pants thanks

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