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Old fellow Geardo Master Jedi J.J. gives a tip how to make your chest rig’s dangling shock cord ends organised.


Currently owned Chest rig designed to carry AK platform magazines with 5 internal open-top type mag pouches. All open top pouches have special bungees made of shock cord and webbing for magazine retention.

DIY Paracord mode to extend its lifetime

After several years of use (definatelly not a daily use) the mag retension bungees got loose, so I decided to tighten them. The pictures shows in what state the shock cord was found. Main reason – extensive rubbing of metal magazines, especially during fast and mean reloadings.

DIY Paracord mode to extend its lifetime

Dear friends,

for some time I have a passion for rigs! This is very interesting, as each kit is directly reflecting not only reconstructed the army, division, or specific times, but also a very good illustration of the user – host. Even more fun when the owners comments on them – why it’s complex, why such firms or the color.

So, below you will find a million pictures, which I hope will be a good inspiration for beginners and great fun for a long time. Only dont break your eyes, because really a lot of photos! Almost killed this blog by uploading :)

Dear friends,

Do you know this Airsoft equipment manufacturer VOLK TACTICAL GEAR? Probably not, because their output is not frequent in our country, because the company is in Japan.

They are located in Osaka and manufacture all their stuff in Japan (and that seems another reason why the prices are so damn Gucci compared to Eagle, Mayflower or TT)!

By GeardoShit

The product design is unique(and quality too I gues). You will see this gear in reality rarely –  since VOLK products are manufactured according to their custom design, so for the reconstruction it is not very appropriate.
But still, pay attention to the manufacturer’s attention to detail, armor tiles, plates and trays, unseen and exotic patterns – real works of art!

Sveiki draugai!

Šiandien apžvelgsiu nuo 2007m turimą, airsoftas.lt įsigytą, Guarder pagamintą, Force Recon Tactical Vest liemenę. Štai ką apie ją sako pardavėjas:

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