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Section 8 PMC Bootcamp 2013

Sup people,

On the first weekend of July we had our second (BootCamp 2012) annual Section 8 PMC Int. Boot Camp 2013 – training camp. This year’s training camp was organized and developed by PMC Vilnius  branch. Unfortunately, six members of the Company was unable to attend the congress. Like last year, we present a story from the ground.

S8 training camps aim to summon members of the Company’s for general workout to update knowledge and improve personal and teamwork skills. To provide basic knowledge for newcomers, and of course – a good R&R time.

We make these video for self control.

Dear friends,

so at the end of June we had the very first Company’s Boot Camp! This event was organised to bring together all the S8 company in one place for good training and a good time together. Everything turned out fine, so from now on it will be a highly anticipated annual event! Unlike other events, this time, we have invited our woman to join us. We wanted to introduce them to the team, to our hobby, show around what we are doing and how much heart we put into this. They loved it!

We decided to organise closed type boot camp – only open to members of the Company. This reinforces the relationship between the team members, and certain commands and tactical decisions only used inside the Company remains disseminated.

The bootcamp was planned a long time ago, but only in the month of June we found the right place – a small remote private ground near Klaipeda, a rural homestead, pond and entertainment, and a great host. We thank him for his equipment, firewood and tidy area.  We told about Airsoft him and his guests, they were very intersted in this hobby.


Dear friends,

On May 12th was our training day. It was windy, but beautiful Saturday. While the team gathered in small numbers, with a bit of a support group, still the training was successful. As always we started with the basics  – gear maintenance, AEG control, shooting stances. We’ve  finished the day all of this merging to the reaction to close contact while working group. It was not an ordinary training. Photographer Roman (Elith Photography) joined our training for promo photography. We thank him for sacrificing his valuable time. We now have lots of material to spread S8 propaganda. We would like to thank our  company member Donatas (Puzikas) for a birthday surprise for fellow Bull!

Filmed with a mobile phone, so seasickness guaranteed.

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