Airsoft Team Section 8 PMC Lithuania BOOT CAMP 2012

Dear friends,

so at the end of June we had the very first Company’s Boot Camp! This event was organised to bring together all the S8 company in one place for good training and a good time together. Everything turned out fine, so from now on it will be a highly anticipated annual event! Unlike other events, this time, we have invited our woman to join us. We wanted to introduce them to the team, to our hobby, show around what we are doing and how much heart we put into this. They loved it!

We decided to organise closed type boot camp – only open to members of the Company. This reinforces the relationship between the team members, and certain commands and tactical decisions only used inside the Company remains disseminated.

The bootcamp was planned a long time ago, but only in the month of June we found the right place – a small remote private ground near Klaipeda, a rural homestead, pond and entertainment, and a great host. We thank him for his equipment, firewood and tidy area.  We told about Airsoft him and his guests, they were very intersted in this hobby.

Our event program looked like this:

Date: 6:29 to 6:30
Present were: S8 OP / HRC with your spouse
Instructors: Filia, Skeptic, Brainiac.
The lectures: SigSauer, Sainter.

Friday’s program:

  1. We set up camp providing it with all necessary equipment;
  2. In the evening, we met each other. Some were not yet known;
  3. Acquainted with Boot Camp training program.

Saturday’s program:

  1. Woken up early, running and gymnastics;
  2. Constructed targets, arranged a shooting range;
  3. Checked out the equipment – communication, magazine, clothing;
  4. We repeated and updated knowledge – a weapon, handling, dinamics, use, reloading, shoulder swap;
  5. Shooting positions and correct performance – standing, kneeling, squatting, prone, etc;
  6. Pairs overcome prepared polygon with its targets, shields, under the supervision of instructors. We have repeated it many times, with disruptive elements – the smoke and pyrotechnics;
  7. The task is compounded. Ground obstacle course had to be overcome by one and in group. Great attention to radio procedures;
  8. The above listed exercises we combined into one and repeated in whole squad.
  9. After a joint lunch, we gathered at the flag for theoretical part of the program. Theoretical part was about AEG use, it’s maintenance, repair and improvement. An interesting lecture was led by the company’s mechanic – Sainter;
  10. Next, first medical aid – theory and practice;
  11. SigSauer led the lecture about radio procedures;
  12. Got ready, we moved into the last phase of training. It consisted of a hike in the forest, which summed up the whole day training program.

Sunday with a painful heart that everything was over, we parted with plans for the next year boot camp.

Photo coverage of the event:

PS.: I would like to thank very much our girls Laura and SamirT for the photos!




The Golden Hand Man, the Companys logist, and the camp commandant – Puzykas.

We get to know each other and discussed the Boot Camp program.

Morning exercise.

Standings – Gear.

Mr. Squatting

Best mags.

Logist and administrator.

Logistics made shields and targets. Super items!

Special effects :)

Team work.

Faster faster faster!

“Man patinka šitas darbas!”

“Attack – Kill!”

Lunch break and talk errors. Plus, women are hammering stupid.

Platform operation, maintenance, and repairs – Engineer Sainter.

First aid…

…and pactice.

Means of communication and communication procedures – by SigSauer.

Standings before the last part of the training. Who is like – the story glosses over;)

They also liked it.

Camp Commandant and site security.

Instructor… … …

A few personal photos – brothers sports.

New PMC Vilnius medic.

Boot Camp organizer Brainiac and two experienced trolls.

Flags father – Bull.

Administration for Public Relations :)


Thanks to everyone who participated, the next meeting in trenches.

Until next pleasant meeting!


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Long living airsoft dinosaur. TBOC memmber. Blogger. Designer.


  1. Linas
    Monday July 9th, 2012

    skaitant straipsni atrodo labai idomus renginys :)
    P.S.: „Teritorijos apsauga“ atrodo tikrai nuozmi zudymo masina :D

    • Uno
      Monday July 9th, 2012

      Naktį visi vaikštantys teritorijoje apsaugos buvo užtaginti – tyliai neprasmukdavo.

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