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Today I will share with you one more review, initiated Powered by MadBull airsoft –  X Factor Piston full teeth. Again, if you do not know what is piston or what its function is – the next paragraph you might find uninteresting. This review is for those who know what we are talking about.

Manufacturer: MadBull Airsoft;

Country of origin: Taiwan (?)

Title: X Factor Piston 02 – Full Teeth;

Material: Teeth – Heat Treated Steel, drum – nylon and glass fiber-reinforced composite;

Dimensions: length 67mm, height at the teeth – 21mm, width at the rail – 22mm, wall thickness – ~ 2mm, R-7.5mm

Colour: Orange;

Fits: All V gearbox.

Price: ~ $ 18 (Ehobby Asia).

  … this is one of the more difficult reviews that I had to write. I want to remain impartial and fair to the readers, so I will give you more information to follow, you will be able to draw conclusions about the product by your self.

So, the first impression … Very light (strong, lighter than the black sh**, which I found G&G carbine). The product is fulfilled precisely, mold seams arranged. It seems that seven hardened steel teeth is anodized. Plastic teeth actually is sharper than the CA or G&G firms pistons (we used the digital ruler) … This weakens them, but the piston and the pinion teeth gets deeper grip – reduces the possibility to slip. The first teeth is cut weird (seen in the picture above). I can not comment engineers on the decision because I do not understand the purpose.

There is rectangular hole left for the standard basic spring capture near the cylinder head screw hole . Well, this is useful when you are in a range of power restrictions, but there is still a desire to improve their system of AEG.

Side rails split into three pairs of segments on each side. Each segment – 16mm (equivalent to 48mm, 20mm less than a complete rail) track-length cavity with a special lubrication grooves. This significantly improves the piston movement – less friction and better lubrication. For this I give the engineers a big plus!

It is difficult to measure the pistons working efficiency. Inserted into gearbox (M120), together with the previously reviewed MadBull springs guide, slightly, but improves fire rate. AEG gets quiet, though, it’s seems performance gets easier. If to test this by pressing the push-strength pliers, I can say that it passed the test very well – I lacked the strength to damage or break it. I need an ax or a power bench … :) So, I should use it for a while in gearbox to find how it is working after some time…Piston, apparently, is one of the most developed and progressive parts of the gearbox. Serious manufacturers from time to time presents a new, updated piston, which in their words – is the best one in the market. It is difficult to assess objectively the piston, when there is so many models on the market. If you look at the price of MadBulls X Factor Piston, it is average or slightly above average. Usually price starts from $ 13 and is based on $ 20 of the good piston (I mean track segmentation, lubrication grooves, steel drum, or the quality of the material). If you decide to choose a fully aluminum piston, you may need to lay from 30-40 $.What is the difference in the market for more Madbull Polycarbonate Piston and Piston MadBull X Factor?


MadBull X Factor piston is heavier (5g), but Madbull Polycarbonate Piston is simple matter … steel and polycarbonate (standard piston material, found in most cases).I will commit a crime and will present several examples of the piston (identical structure), which I think is competitive:

  • MadBull X Factor piston, hardened steel teeth – tear and bending resistant; nylon (used in balistics, resistant to abrasion and high temperatures – 250 °) and glass fiber reinforced matrix composite, high and sharp teeth to better engage with the gears, weighs 25g ;
  • Super Shooter Full Steel Teeth Piston 7 and weighs only 10 grams and is very strong, as is made of nylon polymers, resistant to abrasion and heat resistant up to 100 °, high impact resistant;
  • King Arms POM Piston Hard weighing 20g, the teeth of steel, the hull is made of POM (Poly Oxy Methylene), which is extremely resistant to abrasion and heat at 100 ° -150 °, long withstand prolonged stress.

So, you see yourself, as far as the tower and bell – and everyone is playing nicely. Apparently, the choice of the piston is not only the manufacturer or agent, but also gears, cylinder, piston head – as well as the financial side. Is not a panacea .. Many players follow the old habits, while some of  piston manufacturers last longer for them , others – less.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, of course.

Good performance, high quality materials and deliberately chosen. Price – Decent. But if I would have chosen it by default, without reason to review, I do not know … Yours sincerely, this time a very sincere, UNO


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