MadBull Ultimate Spring Guide for Version 2 Gearbox review

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we have another review, powered by MadBull airsoft. This time it is  –  Spring Guide (the spring root – others may say) for V2 gearbox. Who does not know what it is, how it works, or looks like – do not read further. However, the next time you change spring guide, ask for a better one – Madbull Ultimate Spring Guide (take a note) ;)

Manufacturer: MadBull Airsoft;

Country of origin: Taiwan (?)

Title: Spring Guide for Gearbox Version 2,

Material: Steel, CNC aluminum;

Dimensions: 20×51, 5×16 mm R 4.5 mm;

Colour: Paris Hilton ( V2 GB – pink, V3 GB – green);

Fits: V2 gearbox.

Price: ~ $ 18 (RedWolf,Ehobby Asia).

This spring guide will surely help you avoid the three major problems:

First. Once I used the spring guide (produced by NoName firm) painted black. After a while, I had a suspicion that something was wrong with the gearbox. After the dismantling, I found  that push-tracks full of paint chips. So, you will not have this broblem with this Madbull Spring Guide because it withstood the test of the knife perfectly.

Second. You probably know that the spring while compressed in the gearbox is turning and twisting a bit. In doing so, she stumble over the piston and spring guide shaft. This will damage the spring, peel of the paint from the spring.

This product has the advantage that the spring turns in conjunction with the rotating spring guides shaft. Typically, in other models, spring is rotating on bearings or shim only. In this case, the spring is standing on a shelf, which is an integral part of spring guides shaft, and it rotates together.

Third. To remove the stress from the cylinder or make a gun more quiet, the silent piston head  (the rubber, usually with the arch)and the cylinder head with a reverse arch and rubber cushioning is mounted. This significantly shortens the spring. If you are using, and apparently doing exactly that, the usual spring guide with bearings, you realize that your spring at rest is already heavily compressed.  Once i had this tipe of improvement  – plastic piston teeth did not withstand this pressure …


Take a look at the pictures above, is very clear, that at the left – MadBull airsoft spring guide basis significantly lower than  the “X” company’s spring guide on the right . Such a profile can save considerable space for a spring.

All about the product. Product quality is very good. Between the base and the trunk there is some slack, this is a conscious decision in order to facilitate the movement of the spring –  to compensate the vacillations of the spring. Although you can feel intentional loose in the lower part of the guide, but the bearings are firmly fixed in the ring and almost not visible at the seams. Spring guide’s shaft is tapering slightly – according to the manufacturers, in order to fit all the spring tipes in the market.

!!! Be sure to grease all the shaft and bearings of the spring guide – because you will receive the product dry.

So, summarizing. If you have AEG which served you for many years, is reliable and works without constant repairs or warranty is still valid – most likely, you will not alter the spring guide. In fact, it is not very logical because it is necessary to follow the old rule of airsoft that is tested in practice – if the weapon is performing perfectlly, dont open the gearbox. However, if  you want to get professional, it is important to you that the weapons works well, and you have  plans to change the inner parts of the weapon to better ones, to make the weapon more reliable, this advice is to think about the proposed MadBull airsoft quality product. Complex management of weapon internals parts, will certainly reveal the strengths and advantages of Madbull Ultimate Spring Guide.

PS.: Keep track of the press, well try this spring guide int the field.

Sincerely, UNO


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