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Dear Friends,
So,  goods finally came from MadBull Airsoft a week ago! I am very pleased that our agreement is not suspended and we will continue working.
Today I will review a unique adaptor that is being very simple, is also very functional. This is a standard 20mm rail belt buckle attachment loop … uh, weapon sling system adapter for standart 20mm rail.MadBull allowed to choose one of three similar types of adapters:

  1. Sling Adapter Horizontal Loop SA-01
  2. Sling Adapter Vertical Loop SA-02
  3. Sling Adapter QD swivel SA-03
I chose the first option – Horizontal Loop Sling Adapter SA-01. I think it is more convenient then Vertical Loop as sling will not slide up and down in adaptor loop. The third option is very similar to the standard M-class weapon system’s . It has one major problem – and restrained, and unfastened it makes noises.

Sling Adapter Horizontal Loop SA-01

Manufacturer: MadBull Airsoft;

Country of Origin: Taiwan;

Title: Horizontal Loop Sling Adapter SA-01;

Material: steel screw, the other items – 6061 T6 aluminum;

Dimensions: 15x25x25 mm, 5 mm Radius (ok Americans, and Brits, you will have to work on this on your own :)

Color: matte black;

Fits: standard 20mm rails.

Price: ~ $ 20-25.

Thus, the product is distinguished by its ease of materials and execution quality. Made really good – with characteristic precision of MadBull Airsoft. All edges arranged so that it will not cut, hook or rip pequipment and gear. Painted black, matte color. To delve to pure aluminum with knife – failed, a layer of thick is rock solid. I gues, this is heavy duty and will hold for long, but that does not mean that forever. However, paint finish – its most serious.
Steel color is different  from adapter – it is gray.
Adapter is very low profile,  at height of 25mm. It sinks into rail, so in practice, only a loop is sticking out. Compared with the rail mounted flashlight, the adapter sits half lower. Loop diameter of 8mm, so that really fit all the available weapon sling buckles. Also, regardless of whether the mount is 1 -2 or 3-point system.

I will mention only one drawback. Screw is too short! Screw piled up into two loops. In the loops the are only 2-3 full threads. Steel bolt screwed reaches only two threads. It is better when the part is too long nor too short – you cant add one… However, the use of force and trying to remove the adapter, the adapter did not give up. Of course, if using it with 2 point sling system, will applly way more force the 3 point, but it’s unlikely to be able to tear out the screw. But I do not want that such detail to influence more serious fault.

However, this adapter is ideal if a weapon does not have foreseen the front sling attachment point. Quality, functionalityand, simplicity – the main levers of choice. Also, it is really silent in the forest at night;)

Sincerely, UNO


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