Green lazzzer review

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I am old laser pointer lover :) Love to use it in smoke and to demoralise oposing force. When used in CQB or CQC it becomes and advantige.
Today we are going to talk abou green lazer pointer from with Windage & Elevation Adjustment.


Never point laser at eyes of a man or an animal! Never point alser at plains or car or any other transportation! Use comon sense while using lazers!

  • Manufacturer: LXGD;
  • Country of origin: HonKong (?);
  • Title: JG-016 532nm 20mW Tactical Green Dot Laser;
  • Output: 35mW;
  • Energy: 1 x CR123A 3V Lithium Battery;
  • Laser point diameter: 1,5mm;
  • Material: Aluminium;
  • Dimensions: 113mm(Length)x25mm(Body Diameter);
  • Color: black;
  • Fits: standard 20mm rail mount;
  • Price: ~44,59$ with shipping from
Ok, the box. Lazer pointer, remote switch, always on switch, LXGD 3V CR123A batery, hexagonal key. Everything is packed in foam and stays put.
First Impresión. Weight is felt. Assembled correctly and durably. All laser sight housing is embossed on, the paint is good – it withstood the test of the knife perfectly. Paint could be more mate, although the relative reflectance  because of relief effects.
Remote switch is ok, lets say it is standard, performing flawlessly. You can scent the four mini-switches inside. No need to press in force, activated easily and accurately. It is slightly firm, but I do not think that you will have a problem with that. Expanded cord length – 350mm.
Battery container cap twists  to the end. There is a small rubber hose ring on the end of thread – moisture protection. It is difficult to say whether this pointer is more collapsible, probably not. I couldn’t take this item more apart. You could take Windage & Elevation Adjustment caps off , but only by force – caps holds very well. It seems that body is sealed well, no moisture should get in.
There is Windage & Elevation Adjustment at the front of the laser sight. Apparently, there is only a laser sight for the price, which has provided a convenient way to adjust the laser beam direction – up or down. This is very useful. I have a red laser sight I bought 5 years ago, it has no Windage & Elevation Adjustment of the beam. That has to be done by bonding tape on the body – sucks :)  Here controllers turns neatly.
Please note on the front of the laser arrows showing the correct orientation with respect of gun (AEG). Adjusting laser is quite simple, just the AEG must be permanently fixed. I think that the optimal distance which airsoft laser should be adjusted up to 30m. With greater distance shooting accuracy is certainly very low.  In such a case in a small distance to the contact shot will be made way too high. The laser is a CQB and CQC battles tool, helping you to adapt quickly. In this way, weapons is not necessary to lift up to the cheek, well-aimed shot can be made from the hip :) But who is shooting like this?
My sincere advice to those who going to use / using already laser targeting, adjust the beam point so that the point of impact is below the laser point. Yet, it is necessary to know the optimal use of your laser pointer. Let’s say my all lasers is otpimal to 20m contact, so the point of impact is always 15 cm below the projected point. It is safer. I never take aim at man’s head, even if only part of the body i can see, I always try to move closer so the safer shot can be performed.
There is continuous operation switch (switch always on) in the box. I’m not faced with a situation where it should be used. Perhaps it would be useful, for example specifying the target and constantly illuminating the the same point, or switched and routed to the cloud as a pillar of light visible from a distance … It is hard to tell what exactly is the use.
Mounting ring, designed to place a laser on a standard 20mm rail give me no feelings. This aluminum product, which will surely do what it is made for. Paint on these parts as always doesn hold very well. Fixing onto the rail was not very easy, I had to extend the mounting grip to slip it on the rail. True, all the bolts are hexagonal and same size. This is very convenient. My old laser and flashlight mounting ring had two screws that were of different sizes.
Above you see a picture of the laser dot is projected on the surface, the sun shines directly on to the surface. As you can see, you can see the green dot really good. I can assure you that at you will see it in way greater distance then 5cm, it is so bright!
Point on a birch, photographed at night with flash. Tro lo lo :)
Here the laser beam is projected onto the ground when shooting in total darkness and without the flash with simple camera. As you can see, in some cases it acts as a flashlight:)
So, in conclusion. The product is good, especially its price – $ 44.59 with the shipping from Five years ago, I bought my first laser, it cost twice as expensive, beam is red and, and short battery life … This one is a green, beam is very bright and it has  Windage & Elevation Adjustment. Yes!
Quality of the product is solid – does not appear that soon falls apart. Remote switchs cable could be softer, but so it is more resistant to damage.
Mounting ring did not charm me, but this is not an element that should worry you…
Community often arises discussion – is lasers and advantige. In my opinion, they are more difficult to use than a flashlight, but it’s just a matter of personal prejudice, if it finds a place on your weapon, it can be a significant advantage in some cases.
Use lasers safely:)
Sincerely, UNO


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Long living airsoft dinosaur. TBOC memmber. Blogger. Designer.


  1. Arūnas Barutis
    Friday October 28th, 2011

    Žalias lazeris ant žalio beržo. 20 sec ieškojau kol radau.

    Tro lo lo has been successful!

    • Uno
      Friday October 28th, 2011


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