BATTLEAXE M4 magazine adaptor for G36 review

Manufacturer: BATTLEAXE

Item: M4 magazine adaptor for G36;

Material: Polykarbonatas + stiklo pluoštas. Pasirodė kokybiškas.

No modifiation needed for AEG platforms: JG, TM;

Small and easy feeding tube modification: SRC, CA;

Small and easy item body modification: KWA;

Works fine with magazines: MAG, King Arms, G&P, G&G, TM, JG, DBOYS, PMAG (STAR), CA.

Rumor: Veikia ir su kiaušais;

Price: ~18$.

I used an adapter on a JG AEG during BigGame. It can be put quickly and easily.  I used blade to widen pin hole as it is very small – for all sizes of pin.

Magazines wobble a little, but this does not effect the feeding. Also, more then 10 bb’s stays in S shape feeding tube as it is quite long. And gain this does not effect the performance.

S8 PMC highly recomends this item.

Regards, UNO


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