557 + 551 mixed sight

512 sight

Dear friends,

after my beloved 557 has been irreparably damaged, I have bought 551 to spice things a little bit (purchased abroad). Quality of his sight is barely tolerable – noise on the sight plane, in addition  the crosshairs is crooked, sight crooked and poorly holding on the rail… and it is powered by a non-standard batteries that are expensive and rare in Lithuania (had to buy a ton of in on ebay).

But I’m not about that. After I tested it on the gun, it was holding barely and siting too low. My 557 was very tight on rail so I decided to combine these two sights. So I turned 557 basis with the same bolts to the bottom of it the 551. It seems strange but it looks much better on the gun, and the most important – it works :) !

Zero fucks given!

551 sight

551 sight


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