Sanitizing for Ops

Fingerprint sanitizing
Third reader from Victor – real life contractor in Afghanistan. This one is short… yet, realy strong. Please read.

When you go on Ops, you sanitize, all personal items are left behind… no pictures of loved ones, identification, bank cards, drivers license etc… nothing that connects you with outside or unit information… seems easy enough, never give the enemy anything they can use against you or your family.

When my guards go on leave, I brief them to sanitize as well, no ID cards, no pictures on their phones, no bank cards etc. again do not give the enemy anything that they can use against you or your loved ones.

My Interpreter’s brother was a Sgt in the ANA, heading home to his village for his wedding, it was going to be a joyous occasion…

The Taliban had set up an illegal check point and found his ID card on him.

They tortured him for a few days and this morning they found his body [25 August 2013]. We said our prayers for him at our morning O group.

We sanitize for a good reason when operating in hostile environments.

Be at Peace Brother.



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