Chilean milsim by Pietro Cordano Tejeda

Pietro Cordano Tejeda Chile

My friend  from Chile Pietro from Chile contacted his friends about our mislim topic and made this intersting post detailing milsim styles in 3 Chilean regions. Given the size of Chile, not surprising that according to Pietro, there was formed a few airsoft tipes. The truth is, though, these styles do not have significant differences in, yet some variations in style can be seen.

I would like to thank these 3 teams for providing us with this rare information from the very first source. Keep on good work and good luck  boys!

Pietro Cordano Tejeda
Iquique, Chile
Fundator at Kustom Tac


North of Chile. (Kustom – Ratas del Desierto/OH Red Team Zona Norte)

In Chile the Airsoft is recognized by the State as a Recreational Sport activity. But there are no associations or control mechanism, there is no official regulations for the game. In northern Chile there are many well organized teams with many players. It is common here to play every weekend , few fast games . During the year, major activities are organized, ( from 200 to 1000 players), these activities have similarities to MILSIM:

  • Different teams;
  • Different developed goals;
  • Freedom of play;
  • Very large stages;
  • Good organization.

But there is no way to impose certain rules such: limiting the number of munitions, limit FPS by role, setting different uniforms for each side , develop a Medic system, etc. But more importantly, we fail to establish common rules for Milsim Game. There is much misinformation about about what is MILSIM , and many do not want to adopt this type of game. It becomes very difficult to organize and play MILSIM in northern Chile.

47 Ronin airsoft milsim team

Center of Chile. (NOLO – 47 Ronin Milsim Team)

We are a team with no “military” ties. Of the 9 team memebers only one has had military training ( Reserve). We got interested in airsoft through film and video games. After 4 years  (at least 8 years of playing airsoft) of playing Skirmish games, we wanted to change something. And what we do today and what we are calling milsim is simply the opportunity to play missions more focused on tactics and strategy, immersion and several more elaborate details that elevate the experience:

  • Longer games;
  • Limited ammo;
  • Definitive casualties (at least by objectives);
  • Sabotagable communications;
  • Hostage interogations;
  • Medics and different types of injuries;
  • Clear and precise objectives.

All this fits in a great mission which is run by objective and free will, nobody tells you where to go or how to act – each team creates its own strategy. And if we add a self-sustaining criterion to all games – carry water, food, first aid kit or tools that serve, the experience is rewarding. That’s our format of “Milsim”, trademark of the house.

South of Chile. (CODE – Décima División Baquedano) (could not find a link to Décima page – editor note)

Extremely southern Chile (Punta Arenas), whole city comes together to play without any problems. But when we speak of MILSIM it means playing between distant points of the game. And we’ve had countless failed attempts to run this, but the major flaw is the human factor, always plays a trick. But when we try to make a MILSIM game, usually we do this:

  • Medics;
  • Long duration of the game;
  • Several objectives;
  • And a legend, to have task.

We still lack of control on amunition limitation, midcap use. We hope to work on this more. But if you ask me, I do not think that milsim will shine, because the obsession of players to frag is always a stronger drive.


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