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Like last year, this year we did not miss the opportunity to participate in international american car lovers rally – American Spirit 2014, which was held on August 9 in Palanga. We were supported by the veterans of this event – Team UNITY from Šiauliai. This event is a great opportunity for us to present Airsoft to the public. People’s interest in this hobby is great. There was moments when we had more visitors then rally it self. Everyone wanted to touch weapons, try on a helmet, take a picture with us.

True, Dragoons were supporting us too, which have brought heavy machinery :) This humvee, complete with a volcano (brought by Unity) has become a highlight of the day.

We want to thank Route 77 who took us on board of this badass truck this year too!

Below are the photos that we did ourselves and photos we hunted from internet. Picture of cars are ČIA.

American Spirit 2014 1
Early morning and preparation
American Spirit 2014 2
Our exposition. From left UNO, GreyWolf, Brainiac Bull
American Spirit 2014 4
After a walk of honor circle
American Spirit 2014 7
American Spirit 2014 11
They did selfie too
American Spirit 2014 5
Hey fuck face, democracy is here!
American Spirit 2014 9
Set of deadly weapons. Oso is riding Humvee
E.Kazlauciunaite LRytas
E. Kazlaučiūnaitė photo, Lietuvos Rytas
Julius Bieliauskas 02
Girls and uniforms. Julius Bieliauskas photo
Julius Bieliauskas 03
Julius Bieliauskas photo
Paulius Leikas
Pauliaus Leika photo
Julius Bieliauskas 04
Curious girl. Julius Bieliauskas photo
A.Sartanavičius Alkas
BadAss! A. Sartanavičius photo, Alkas
American Spirit Photo
American Spirit Photo
American Spirit Photo
Julius Bieliauskas 05
American Spirit Photo

Dalinamės UNITY komandos nario Mordos video įrašu iš vakarinio garbės rato J. Basanavičiaus gatve.

Aurelijaus Dalidonio video


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