American Spirit 2013 American Car Meet

American Spirit 2013 - American Car Meet

Hi everyone,

Last saturday (2013 08 10) we participated in anual event American Spirit 2013 American Car Meet. Every year American car lovers meet in Palanga (little resort town) to find out which car is the best this year, and have a good time with friends.

It happend that every year organizers invite pro-American airsoft teams. It is not the first time we join this event. This is very good occasion when we can promote airsoft, enabling people to see it so close. And it actually looks really cool – old and calsy American cars and guys with guns.

We were not alone – there was two more teams. Airsoft was presented by UNITY from Šialiai and OSO from B coy 1/6 Marines from Klaipėda. Our old friends and game mates.

American Spirit 2013 - American Car Meet

This is our stand. We had some guns, merchandise, and gear exhibited.


We had some business cards I have made a night before :)

American Spirit 2013 - American Car Meet

GreyWolf was spending some quality time behind the stand. We this he was very professional in selling the airsoft hoby :)

People accepted us very warmly, and was curious. It was very nice to tell them about our beloved Hoby ​​and feel their interest.

And I would liek to say that children is the best. They do listen what you say about safety and ask before they touches anything (AEG was unloaded and double-checked). Little ones are very afraid to ask you anything, especially to take a picture with you. However, when you kneel, and stretch out your hand they are growing bolder :)

There were two boys who asked me to lend them two granades :) And there was one Mrs. who was very concerned about my well-being because of my face mask blocking my breath. The best!

Yere there were many special force visitors. Who knew a lot about off-center bullets yet they could not tell all our guns was just a copies…

American Spirit 2013 - American Car Meet

American Spirit 2013 - American Car Meet

Morda, from team UNITY is assembl his baby, chick magnet. And it worked like a charm. All girls just love it!

Event video by Airsoft Team UNITY, Šiauliai, Lithuania:

American Spirit 2013 - American Car Meet

PMC approves this event!

American Spirit 2013 - American Car Meet

The dude in woodland raincoat was impersonating Gulf War era soldier. All the gear is original. His name is Viesulas (Whirlwind).

We liked this event a lot. Weather was rainy but we still had lots of visitors. Yet, guys who were here last year, and it was sunny, said it was very hard as there were too many visitors.

We would like to thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity and confidence. Thank you, hopeto see you next year as well!

Thank you for Klaipėdos Vertimai for pizza in this hungry game.

Thanks Route 777 for energy drinks.

Thank you visitors for civilized behavior and showing the interest.

And of course, thanks to our colleagues for a good time!

PS.: If someone took a picture with our boys please share it with us. We will post it here too. Thanx a lot.

I took some pictures with my phone before leaving the event. To give you some perspective what cars was participating.

Black car on the right was spattered with mud. Therefore, he avenged the yellow car by splashing the mud through  the open window. lolz

Update: American Spirit 2013 by OSO


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