Spring airsoft sniper rifle

The fundamentals of spring gun could be traced back to medieval. The power is kept in weights, slings and other  strech based mechanisms. In this case the power for shot is created by the shooter himslef.

Now, lets talk about spring airsoft sniper rifle outer structure using some english terms, so that readers can adobt and use them for the furure. Will will cover main outer parts of the gun, adding some special features that you need to look for.

However, I would like to notice, that due to the available space here the outer structure will be a bit shallow, so future research on some specific things might be needed to cover everything.

1.1. Stock

Although most airsoft gun stocks are made of plastic, nylon fiber, metal (like M14 EBR) or even wooden (like CYMA AK), the usual airsoft spring sniper rifle stock is ABS plastic. In airsoft sniper rifle case the stock is the part where the gun is shouldered and also where the barrel of the lies in the receiver (see the picture). The end of the stock is called a buttock. Also, some stocks come with trigger guards (espc. Spring airsoft sniper rifles).

What to look for – solid quality plastic stock can withstand many ferious figths. Usually the quality of the plastic can be seen from the weight and thick of the plastic. There is something about this cheapo plastic feeling – it really differs from quality material.

Cheap plastic stock can be bend in the most wide place. Also, the cheap hollow stocks have echo inside every shot. You will atract unwanted attention. Quality stock has a rubber buttpad, sometimes adjustable, even with monopod. The rubber butt pad will give shooter comfortable non-sliper surface to shoulder the wepon, also there will help to eliminate “digging” feeling. The trigger guard is small overlooked part, but it comes esential, when one’s want to keep shooting comfortably in the cold weather. Buy or modify the trigger guard so that in could house a finger with thick warm gloves.

1.2. Receiver

It is hard to find informative spring airsoft sniper rifle receiver picture. Mainly because it is part that joins all the other components into one weapon system. Usually metal, this part contains with itself the cylinder set, the outer barrel screws in the front of the receiver. To screws hold the trigger unit on the lower-back part of the receiver. The stock is also screwed at this point.

What to look for – always look for quality metal here. The airsoft sniper rifle receiver to outer barrel screw will be get worn by constant maintenance. The outer barrel screw is fixed by controlling Phillips screw. Watch that Phillips screw tends to unscrew itself because of vibration. Use special screw glue here e.g. Loctite. Always clean inner part of the receiver as a constant maintenance. Use grease, but do not over use the silicon. The greasy surface attract dust and sand which will scratch the inner surface of receiver or outer surface of cylinder. The dust will also make reloading harder. Pay attention where trigger unit is attached. Those two screws will wear out due to tension and constant maintenance. If that happens, it is still possible to make a new larger screws.

1.3. Outer barrel

The outer barrel is inherent part of airsoft sniper rifle. As it was mentioned before, the outer barrel is attached to the receiver via big screw. In the outer barrel you will find a hop-up chamber, inner barrel, sometimes even tight bore barrel, barrel spacers. Magazine catch is also attached to outerbarrel. The end of the barrel may contain end cap, barrel extension, silencer or flash hider. Most of the times, the accessories can be attached to barrel via CCW or CW 14 mm type screw.

What to look for – the main thing is that the barrel was straight and made of quality material, usually metal. The screws must be inspected. There are different lengths, designs of the outer barrel. It mostly depends on taste what to choose. Always choose the barrel spacers according to outer barrel inner diameter. The inner and outer barrels must be mixed and matched. If outer barrel is too short, never cut the inner barrel. Better to add barrel extension or silencer.



That is it. Next time we will be talking about the inner structure of spring airsoft sniper rifle.


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