US military sniffer dog captured in Afghanistan (Taliban claim)

Fokin’ hell… US military sniffer dog captured in Afghanistan, claims Taliban.

I’m big heard about dogs. He looks like real captured warrior.

He was fighting this war for his best friend. Not for cause…

The Taliban say they have captured an American military sniffer dog inAfghanistan, and posted a video of the forlorn-looking animal in a video online.

Bearded fighters, showing off weapons they say were also captured from US forces in eastern Laghman province just before Christmas, mill around the chocolate-brown dog.

Glossier and better fed than most guard dogs kept in Afghan villages, it is wearing a complex harness similar to ones used by some Nato forces.

A Taliban Twitter account shared video of the dog. An experienced dog handler who has worked in Afghanistan said it appeared to be a Belgian shepherd, a breed popular with soldiers because of its ability to work for hours without a break.



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