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Rob Wastell UK

Rob Wastell big Bear from the North East of England droped his brief view about milsim in UK. We have a team sub-unit in UK but these guys has less access (sites and organisers) to milsim then Rob’s Gun Ho team.

Rob Wastell
UK based airsoft player.
Instagram: @GunHoTeam
FB: Gun Ho

Milsim here in the UK has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. What was once the reserve of a select few is now gaining a massive following within the hobby with multiple companies running events at sites all around the country.
We’re lucky enough to get access to some great Ministry of Defence (MOD) training facilities, such as STANTA, Catterick, and Sennybridge to name but a few. These sites give great opportunities for tactical play in more realistic settings compared to your typical skirmishes. Alongside this there are companies out there starting to offer more rural / woodland themed events which present a great opportunity for some great immersive gameplay, all while camping out in the woods with your teammates… Camping with guns, what’s not to love??
As well as great organisers, there are also some great teams here in the UK who’ve we had the opportunity to play alongside and against over the last few years. Many of these teams are active on Facebook / Instagram etc so it’s a great way to stay in touch, share gear updates, and generally talk smack before the next game.


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