PMC or SFOD diorama

08 pmc diorama

We are used to see WW dioramas and I have not seen PMC or SFOD diorama before. Or this is SFOD? Does look more like SFOD to me. I was misled by Twix chocolate bar :)
Looks like these boys dug out some kind of weapon cache here and they are interested in who’s this is.

But would you choose to ride in red truck in the middle of the sand fields? That does not look like SAS pink panther color :)  Yeh but  whatever, I really like this peace of art. Pay attention to the details.

Ps.: I could not find the author

01 pmc diorama

03 pmc diorama

04 pmc diorama

05 pmc diorama

06 pmc diorama

07 pmc diorama

02 pmc diorama


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