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2012 – 10 – 18

The long-awaited, made to order, PKM is already on sale. We are pleased to report that the only present new replica gun PKM. Rifle made to the exact pattern of the original.

We have tried to convey to you the replica that meet your high standards. Go to tomorrow.

2012 – 10 – 25

Product details:

As one of first shops all around the world we present long-awaited model of machine gun PKM, which is produced by chinese replicas factory A&K.Production of this replica has been prepared in cooperation with our company.As a “base” to create PKM replica we used legally available parts for real PKM and technical drawings which let us correctly measure parts which are hard to access such as: outter barrel and body.It is after RPK and RPKS a real treasure for russian weapon funs.

PKM is made of iron.Body as well as cover body, bipod,carrying handle,box are produced from steel, all remaining parts such as:outter barrel, rear sight, gas block,gas tube,barrel base,front sight are also made of iron (ZnAl).Pistol grip and stock consist of nylon.

Gun replica has hungarian PKM version marks.

Constructors of PKM replica adopt MOSFET with potentiometer regulation of fireing velocity hidden in gas system( it is enough to press slow/fast button).

p<>.Replica’s gearbox is well known gearbox from MINIMIreplica and includs steel gear sets with 8mm bearings, spring 120 m/s, spring guide with standard-metal reinforced with Ball Bering so the spring will rotate smooth.

Finally shooting speed is 400 fps.

Set Included:

  • replica
  • accumulator mini cube 9,6V 1200 mAh
  • charger
  • box magazine 5000 rd


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