Most elite pilots on earth

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Most elite pilots on earth…

This unaltered image was captured at Beale Air Force Base, CA, in the late 1980’s. All of the subjects wearing pressurized flight suits are actual pilots or back-seat reconnaissance systems officers. Not pictured: Behind the photographer, Eric Schulzinger, were special transport vans, oxygen canisters.

– thanks to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and Skunk Works for high res photo 4,2 MB, 2552 × 2043

Another one, more recent:

Bad ass pilots

I wanted to send you a photo you might want to share with your readers. I know you’ve contacted us about U-2 stories in the past. Attached and linked is a photo we just shot of a formation of U-2 pilots in full pressure suits (NASA adopted the U-2 full pressure suits for the shuttle program) in front of a Dragon Lady on the Beale AFB, Calif flightline.

As you know, U-2 pilots are now the highest flying humans in the world (70,000+ feet) with the exception of the individuals in the ISS now that the NASA shuttle program has ended.

Pictured are 14 of a total of about 80 pilots currently qualified on the U-2. Less people have flown the U-2 than there are people with Super Bowl rings.

– Air Force. Full size here – 19MB original file

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