How to be a Highlander: Instruction

Dear friends,

recently more and less we are dealing with this type of creature in coastal region. So we prepared a guide for a beginner Highlander, so that this species is not completely wiped from the surface of the earth’s :

  1. Never confess being the Highlander, never say sorry for cheating;
  2. If you feel that you are hit, but you can not see the shooter – then you are not hit.
  3. If you get shot in the ass, there’s always another 3-4 seconds to turn around and shoot back.
  4. In Mexican standoff you’ll be the only survivor, all the time.
  5. Your shot is always accurate.
  6. If you are accused of being the Highlander, always always put your guard up by accusing prosecutor also being the Highlander.
  7. Remember, the pines, tall grass, darkness, dusk, 40 m. is bulletproof.
  8. If you served in the military, you play CS, MW and BF3 – you are hard to hit, if you read the forums on warfare and watching documentaries on youtube about Iraq, Afghanistan, VDV, SEAL – you will never be hit by enemy shot.
  9. If you are accused of being the Highlander – means you’re playing better than all of them, and they’re just afraid of your play.
  10. You can be Highlander in domestic enviroment too, for example – If your children are stupid, blame the school or kindergarten, if your salary is small, blame the government, if you hit you wife, blame her, if you get drunk and vomit, blame cutlets, if you shit your pants … You never shit your pants.

We hope that these ten commandments will help you improve your leisure time and regale us.


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