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With the current events in the background, I would like to share a small post with you – Euromaidan lodout. This post is not about politics. You will get fucked off this blog if you will try commenting in any color of politics.

War in the town is very nasty thing. It gets personal very fast when you choose to fight with sticks and bricks. When your enemy is engaging you from far hill or from the dark forest, you don’t see his eyes, you don’t feel the smell of his sweat, you can’t reach him with your hand… But when your mate is being kicked on the ground or your brother has lost an eye a second ago, you see who did it and you can reach them right away. That enemy is tall and slow, that one has blue eyes and bloody cornea, that one smels drunk… it is very personal.

What materials for loadout would you choose if similar events? I am surprised – people are resourceful. Especialy looking at a month or two old videos, when Maidan had no captured gear yet. 

Here is some pictures with Euromaidan fighters that caught my eye. I do like to look at these pictures and think about these personalities and what made them choose that gear.

Euromaidan 01

If I am not mistaken, he’s wearing an old Russian rider helmet. These helmets are unlikely produced today. Apparently the man is older, I’d say he is at age of 50-60. He has russian gass mask bag on his shoulder. Ant these shoes / boots – damn mainstream in Euromaidan.

Euromaidan 02

I bet these boots are warm. Ther should be some small company in far lands of Czech Republic that is very happy about the choice of these men footwear.

DPM camo on the far right. Not too popular there. German Flecktarn camo was main pattern. Sometimes it looked like Germany is being ivaded by Berkut when the clashes was on.

Euromaidan 03

These vests, they dont look military grade. It does not look like part of Berkut gear too. I’d say this is some kind of gear that is made for security workers. Second dude is wearing Mich 2002. Real one, balistic, would be too expensive for this guy to buy and I don’t beleve that he got it from CIA :) Color looks off and it has NVG mount.

This is airsoft gear. UVEX skating goggles – good choice. Cheap yet durable.

They borrowed these shealds from Berkut.

Euromaidan 04

Euromaidan self-defense squads. That sheald is made from plywood. It does look good with these writings and perforation. It will not stand long against batons but it will protect from thrown stones.

Euromaidan 05

Is that SSh-68 helmet? And that is what – nunchucks? I remember when I was kid there was a man that my family used to stay in same summer house with. He was mid age Russian guy who fought in Afghanistan and realy liked our company. So he used to show us some moves with his nunchucks. That looked so cool to me… Still don’t know was he trained by army to use nunchucks or this was his pursuit.

Euromaidan 06

DPM and Flecktarn and two gas masks and steel helmet and molotov – blessed by God of resistance. When I was kid I had one gas mask bag – it was my EDC bag.

Euromaidan 07

This one is my favorit. Girl with a flower helmet. Helmets are essential part of street fighter’s gear. This girl knows it. But the thing she does not understand that these flowers is essentially good for morale of her surroundings. Woman with helmet and flowers in frontline with you – a reason worth dying for. However, her jacket and pants are too flammable to be safe close to molotov cocktails…

Euromaidan 08

“I fucking see you” camo and balistic helmet – this is hardcore. Damascus knee pads, Magnum (?) backpack – he knows his deal. And I bet his gloves are made from leather or atleast – cut resistant material. Otherwise, he is melting his fingers with plastic.

Euromaidan 09

Second one from the left has ciras (cb). Rest of his gear looks borrowed from Berkut. I’d choose my Guarder vest for such event too. That 1000 cordura and armor plates would be more then good for clashes.

Euromaidan 10

Thses two shealds on the right looks like custom made. Custom? Yes – look at holes. And these helmets… I think this picture was taken after fighters overwhelmed military warehouse. I know shit about Russian helmets but I would gues these are from about 60 – 70’s. Looks good for street stick fight and conscripts… but for modern army, this is shit bucket. Even with added inner cevlar shell.

Euromaidan 31

There is no need to comment custom vest made from 5 mm steel plates. My argument would be invalid.

Euromaidan 11

We could guess this guy is medieval reconstructor. His helmet does not impress me as much as his shield – that is made ​​from leather.

Ukraine Revolution

This one is very interesting vest. Looks custom made, at least front plate. Or am I wrong. I have not seen such vest before and I cant think of any armor that would fit that front part. This is BLACKHAWK! strike plate carrier harness (thank you Marius Šulga).

Euromaidan 13

“Playing card guard” with playing card shield.

Ukrainian protesters

In case he is medieval reconstructor and he is involved in medieval battles, he knows what he is doing. Looks battle tested armor. But, this would be my last choise for revolution. I would be afraid to lose my head with that bucket on.

Euromaidan 15

Pretty much all you need for revolution – winter sports helmet and old gas mask. Once we tested glass durability of these masks with our airsoft guns. We shot at the glass forn about 10 cm up to 3 m and it was destroyed by base AEG gun.

Euromaidan 16

Fighter fron the front row is holding weapon that is called Morning Star. It is short range weapon but yous till need some space around you to use it. Yet this is by far the best gun against any  shealded oponent. Metal chain allows the star to reach opponent hiding behind the shield – it bends around.

Euromaidan 18

She looks great.  However, that braid is open invitation to grab…

People wear masks as they attend a rally held by supporters of EU integration in Kiev

Yet another very interesting vest, looks very similar to one before. But tis one has different braces. And that camo – le Multicam? This is strike plate carrier made by Condor (thank you Marius Šulga).

Euromaidan 20

Euromaidan 23

That British police helmet should work. Hope so.

Euromaidan 24

Chain like Morning Star is good against shielded opponents. But paint spray is even better. You just spray paint on police helemt’s protective glass and blind your oponent.

Euromaidan 25

Le urban, Le camo pants.

Euromaidan 27

This was the moment the Cossacks arrived. Cossack history is very rich and interesting, you should dig it more.

Euromaidan 21

Cossack with traditional cloathing produce food for the protesters. Like that girl with flowers on hear helmet, this cossack is morale riser. Below you will find more photos of Cossacks.

Euromaidan 28

Euromaidan 22

Euromaidan 26

Euromaidan 29

This one looks like from Sochi Olympic Games.

Euromaidan 30

Young cossack boy in multicam uniform.


There is one type of resistance loadout that does not include gear at all.

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