Airsoft Milsim

Airsoft milsim

Recently been talking to a few guys about milsim their country. Contrasting experiences and information. I never thought the concept MILSIm can have so many different perceptions. Some of these perceptions logical enough, but most of their parts are exaggerated. One I can argue that in the major part of the global Airsoft community Milsim perceived wrong. Very wrong. Often, this is limited to the increased complexity of the accoutrements of a participant and the larger gaming area.

To make this topic clear, I would like to ask you, my dear readers, contact me via email S8PMCBlog[eta] and share with me more info about milsim in your country.

Thank You very much.

 UPDATED: I have received a few descriptions from different parts of the world! At first I thought I sould include all descriptions into one post, yet there is too much information to be set in one article. Every now and then I will post separate article I have received or will receive. I will post it in the order I have received it.

ATENTION: If you want to add or tell your milsim definition – drop me a line and I will add you to the same country section.

PS.: Yet I could not reach Russian colleagues. Although I managed to contact them, however no feedback from them was received. I want to believe that the politics has no place in airsoft and this is not a reflection of the current political climate.

Stay safe brothers, have a nice read.

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