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5.11 Tactical Sabre 2.0 Jacket review

Dear friends,

after the quiet summer, which was terrible busy and eventful, we will again talk of his favorite topic – Outfit. This summer Five Elevent sent us a number of examples of high-quality gear one of which we’ll review today. We introduce you to 5.11 Tactical Series Sabre 2.0 Jacket. This is a second  generation SABRE Jacket, which has been improved based on user comments, as well as some innovation was added. I use this jacket from mid-summer, but the summer was successful – the weather was perfect, so a good rain and chilly weather did not start until the fall. A couple games or a walk in the city certainly insufficient to test this jacket – I’ve tested more.

Thus, the second half of September I went to a wintry Finland and Sweden. During the trip, I had to spend a lot of time on the ferry, and a few days in the city on foot with all the belongings on my shoulders, and the weather forecasts was not encouraging – +11-14 ° C, rain and wind. I decided to take a risk and began this journey wearing SABRE and just a T-shirt with short sleeves and thin T-shirt with long sleeves. Still doubted, should I pick up the fleece, but the jacket seemed to be a reliable and warmer clothes neem. And I was right …

Dear friends,

couple of weeks ago I published Screen Ops Gloves review preview. At that time it was tested only in one game, but I decided not to rush and do more field testing. So, even after a couple more events, I can say it had harsh time on the field!

U.S. company has supported our “promising Blog” with examples – for this we are very grateful to them. This is a very important rating!

These gloves manufactured by 5.11 Tactical. The company was founded in 2003 USA and originated from the field and travel clothing brand Royal Robbins, who in 1977 began to produce original 5.11 Tactical pants, that latter became the FBI National Academy standard outfit.
Currently 5.11 Tactical manufactures a complete list of special clothing, footwear, work and protective equipment for law enforcement, military and fire department. 5.11 Tactical motto – to create innovative products that exceed our customers’ needs. It is true, do you know what “5.11” means? Probably not. Climbers use code system to describe the required skills to climb the rock – 5.0 means easy climbing, 5.10 – serious and 5:11  especially significantly difficult, practically impossible, climb. Officially, “5.11” key is used when you want to make the climbing action that is impossible … However, there are professionals who is able to cross this line. This is how “5.11” simbol of tactical equipment.